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Wellaplex - Step 3 Hair Stabilizer 100ml

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A complete “Bond Repair System” from Wella Professionals with options that range from in-salon services to take-home, daily, anti-damage care

 Reconstruct hair bonds for stronger hair

  • Unique pH for optimal penetration of lightening & dye molecules
  • Perfect lift and color development
  • Hair feels healthier, more manageable
Wellaplex STEP 3 – Hair Stabilizer

 To benefit fully from your WELLAPLEX in-salon service, you should use No3 Hair Stabilizer on a weekly base. It helps to keep the hair strong, smooth and soft until the next WELLAPLEX in-salon service.

Step 3 to be used at-home following a WELLAPLEX in-salon service.

Size: 100ml

Sold Separately: Wellaplex 3 Step Bond System

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