Kera Spa Instant Hair Therapy (Collagene) - Step 1 & 2

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An excellent treatment for all types of hair. It cleans conditions, replenish proteins and adds shine to the hair. It also reduces the volume and frizz in the hair in a single treatment. Kera Express is a 5 in 1 product that last 3 to 4 weeks.

Treatment 1: This treatment contains active ingredients such as shea butter, collagen as well as cysteine and proteins. It rejuvenates and restores your hair in a youthful appearance from the first time. 

Treatment 2: Is a leave-in treatment that creates a protective film on your hair to protect against aging, heat and free radicals. Also it will brighten your hair and make your brushing process easier.

Step 1 - 120g / 4.2 oz.

Step 2 - 120ml / 4.2 oz/

Packaging may vary

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