Colornow Colorplex Professional No. 1 Bond Creator & 2 Bond Fortifier

Colornow Colorplex Professional No. 1 Bond Creator & 2 Bond Fortifier

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No. 1 Bond Creator: Supplementing of the cysteine in hair, fixing the disulfide bonds. About 80% of hair fiber consist of cysteine. Cysteine plays an important role in hair fibers and makes a big effect, enhancing the inside cohesion of hair completing the hair structure and is one of the most important amino acids in keratin. During the hair colouring, bleaching and perming process causes a large loss of cysteine. The main element of the Cynos Colorplex No.1 is cysteine, through which it can repair the hair and avoid damage. It is available in a 500ml bottle. 

How to Use:

  1. Mix hair colour/ bleaching powder thoroughly.
  2. Add the Cynos Colorplex No.1 Bond Creator with the following ratio guideline:

• For every 10ml of color mixture, add 1ml of Cynos Colorplex No.1 Bond Creator
• For every 10ml of bleaching mixture, add 2ml of Cynos Colorplex No. 1 Bond Creator

Creates new hair bonds while protecting the exiting internal structure of your hair to delivery stronger, healthier hair while enhancing the condition and suppleness.


No. 2 Bond Fortifier: Strengthening the hair bond and repairing the scalp keratein, hydrolyzed keratin and lactate are the main components of the Cynos Colorplex No.2. Keratein can repair hair through staying on the surface. The Cynos Colorplex No.2 is made to strengthen the hair bond through repairing inner hair.
It is available in a 500ml pump container.

  1. Towel dry hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply 15ml of the Cynos Colorplex No.2 Bond Fortifier from roots to ends. Combing through once, leaving on the hair for about 5 minutes. For damaged hair and best results leave on the hair for at least 10 minutes.

Forms hair bonds to the hair cortex, smoothens the cuticle layer of your hair to create a uniform surface.

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