LCN Wow Hybrid Gel Polish 8ml

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This system combines the advantages of a Nail Polish and a UV-nail polish. Hybrid Gel Polish systems have a faster drying time than conventional nail polishes, they offer a longer durability and provide brilliantly shining results - and all that without UV or LED units. This special feature is a specific UV-Light-technology. Due to this technology these products come in bottles protected against light. This texture provides a hardening process over time every time this polish is exposed to natural daylight. No base coat required. The photo-initiators contained in the Top Coat of the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish cross-link with the oligomers contained in the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish ensure increased durability. Nails appear firmer and stronger! 

Durability: Up to 10 days

Drying: Natural daylight

Removal: With acetone free nail polish remover

Type of customer: For customers with natural or artificial nails who do not wish for a permanent colour. Also for everybody who wants a gel polish look and can remove easily at home. 

Advantages: Intensive colour brilliance, the plumping gel-effect will even out the nail plate, easy and fast application, no UV-light unit necessary, ultimate shine, gentle and safe with long durability. 100% Vegan


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