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LCN One Component Resin F - UV Sculpting Gel

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 A favourite of Nail Technicians world wide! This universal 3-in-1 gel resin contains 100% all around properties of Bonding, Building & Sealing. Ideal for refills, overlays and full sets with tips. One Component Resins have a medium viscosity allowing for easy building and perfect control.

Available in Clear, Crystal Clear, Pink and Pastel.

For even an higher level of control and resin stability try COSMIQ One Component Resin F

Available in:

20038 OCR F Clear 20ml

20039 OCF F Clear 100ml

20678 OCR F Crystal Clear 20ml

20228 OCR F Pink 20ml

20209 OCR F Pink 100ml

20317 OCR F Pastel 20ml

20319 OCR F Pastel 100ml

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