LCN Recolution UV Soak-off Colour Polish

Regular price $22.00 CAD

The System: This 100% solvent free Soak-off Colour-System provides the natural nail with a permanent colour polish with a brilliant shine. The high flexibility of this system as well as its extremely good adhesion to the natural nail plate minimizes possible lifting and chippings. Recolution offers besides its easy application, an intensive and durable opacity. 

Durability: Up to 4 weeks

Drying: In a light unit (LED: 60 Seconds, UV-Unit: 2 Minutes)

Type of Customer: For people with natural nails who wish for a permanent colour polish. Especially suitable for employed women with little time for manicures or for special eveents for example wedding or extended travels. 

Advtanges: Intensive colour brilliance, easy application, immediately dry, optimal opacity, long durability.



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