LCN Bio Glass Gel

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An innovation from LCN – a 100% Acid Free Gel containing Bioactive ingredients for natural nails. Bio Glass creates a natural bond to the natural nail. Combines Bonding and Sculpting in one product What makes Bio Glass Gel stick is what's in its name—Bio Glass! This unique inorganic formula works with the nail to create a natural, secure bond. It improves adhesion without the use of acidic bonders (see ya later lifting!) and allows Bio Glass Gel to combine Bonding and Sculpting into one product. Not only does Bio Glass reduce damage done to nails, it supports new nail growth, too. We don't call it the Nail Nurse for nothin'!

Available in:

21342 Nude 10ml

21355 Nude 40ml

21361 Nude 100ml

21382 Milky White 10ml

91529-2 Stress-less with Bel-Even Nude 10ml 

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