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LCN Bio Bond - UV Bonding Enhancer

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Bio Bond is LCN’s revolutionary new bonding agent that revitalizes and rejuvenates the natural nail. Bio Bond creates a regenerating layer between the natural nail and other LCN products. LCN Bio Bond has been enriched with urea and a modern derivatised L-cysteine, which contains keratin forming and strengthening amino acids with strong anti-oxidant properties. Other gel systems and acrylics can cause damage to the natural nail because, unlike LCN, they contain acid and other damaging substances. These damaged nails need special care, and also require a special adhesion in order for future extensions to remain intact. 

Use Bio Bond under LCN Bonder to create a bond that not only won’t break, but will actually help to repair and revitalize the natural nail.

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20546 - 10ml

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