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LCN 7in1 Nail Recovery 8ml 43970

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This innovative Top Class Multi Function polish combines 7 properties in one: Base Coat, Top Coat, Wet Look, Quick Dry, Super Hardener, Ridgefiller, Whitener. Especially for sensitive, thin and brittle nails, this LCN 7 in 1 Wonder Nail Recovery strengthens the nail plate and evens out surface irregularities. Like a protective shield, this viscous polish settles on top of the stressed nail and offers a means of recovery for the nail. Nails are shiny and firm and due to the whitener function brightened. Ideal to use as a Base Coat to avoid yellowing of the nail caused by colour polishes as well as ensuring longer durabiliy. Its ridge filling function ensures an even nail structure. For a perfect Wet Look finish this super drying LCN 7 in 1 Wonder Nail Recovery can be used as a Top Coat.

8ml - 43970

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