Tressa Irresistible Deposit-Only Color

Sale price $1.50 CAD Regular price $29.98 CAD
  • 30 of the hottest, most popular shades, plus Clear
  • Does not fade off tone and won't grab dark ends
  • Shows little to no line of demarcation
  • Superb shine and condition
  • Gentle, no-ammonia formula
  • Easy to mix, formulate & apply - the easiest color you'll ever use!
  • Uses a one-to-one ration (one part color to one part processor)
  • Delayed Oxidation System delays color from oxidizing in the bowl or bottle, ensuring maximum color penetration and gray coverage
  • Available in 2oz bottles

Paper Charts available. Included free with any Irrisitible order or also available to order separately.

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