Tan Fusion - Melon Me Sexy! Dark Tanning Accelerator
Synergy Tan

Tan Fusion - Melon Me Sexy! Dark Tanning Accelerator

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If you love a natural dark tan without added bronzers then this is for you. Get super dark and super sexy! This Super Hydrating Juicy Skin Infusion maximises the dark tanning process for a dewy and delicious dark tan. Ideal for dry and thirsty, hard to tan skin. Watermelon, Passion fruit and Sunflower, a rich combination of powerful antioxidants and emollients help replenish lost moisture and nutrients. Coconut and Shea butters protect vital moisture levels and provide exceptional skin conditioning benefits. Copper MaxTan100 replenishes lost copper and aids in the process of melanin production and tanning. Unipertan V-2002 mixed tanning accelerators stimulates natural melanin production for fast-acting results.

8.5 fl oz. / 250ml

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