Tan Fusion Mango Me! 10X Extra Dark Tanning Bronzer
Synergy Tan

Tan Fusion Mango Me! 10X Extra Dark Tanning Bronzer

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Get extra dark and extra bronzed with skin-quenching Super fruits, Exotic Butters, potent Antioxidants, Copper MaxTan100, rare Bronzers and Sunless Tanner! This Extra Dark Juicy Skin Infusion maximises the dark tanning process. Enhanced with golden Bronzers for a sensuously dark & deeply bronzed tan. Benefits Multiple Caramel Bronzers and Sunless Tanner impart immediate and lasting colour. Unipertan VEG-2002 stimulates melanin production for more rapid tanning results. Skin quenching and rejuvenating Super fruits help shelter skin and restore lost moisture. Coconut & Shea Butters protect vital moisture levels and provide exceptional skin conditioning benefits. Copper MaxTan100 replenishes lost copper and aids in the process of melanin production and tanning. Fragrance: Playful Passion fruit, Hibiscus Tiare Flowers & Sensual Apricot Musk

8.5 fl oz. / 250ml

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