Sebastian Professional Matte Putty Texturizer 75g
Sebastian Professional

Sebastian Professional Matte Putty Texturizer 75g

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Sebastian Professional Matte Putty Texturizer 75ml is a silky paste perfect for texturing all hair types. More specifically, this texturizer provides a matte effect to the hair leaving it flawless and without any extra shine. In this sense, this product is perfect for certain types of more refined, textured hairstyles that do not require extra shine. Furthermore, this paste doesn't make the hair sticky, oily or dry, it just leaves it more mattified. At the same time it leaves the hair extremely manageable so you can style it the way you want. In turn, through a composition with moisturizing properties such as Panthenol, this texturizer allows you to leave your hair healthier while shaping it. Thus, the hair looks and feels healthier from the inside to the outside. Finally, this paste belongs to a professional range. That said, you can easily and effectively have salon-worthy care in the comfort of your own home.


  • Texture: paste;
  • Hair issues: styling;
  • Time of application: before styling;
  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: moisturizes the hair, textures the hair while providing a matte effect, has some kind of hold to help style and create hairstyles.

Main Ingredients

  • Panthenol, a precursor to Vitamin B5, makes your hair softer, more elastic, and also easier to comb. In addition, it helps strengthen hair, retaining moisture, and improving the texture of damaged hair.

How to use

Before applying Sebastian Professional Matte Putty Texturizer 75ml, emulsify a small amount of product on your hands. Then apply it to your hair while shaping it the way you want. For a looser effect, use your fingers to detangle your hair as you apply the product. Finally, layer as you wish.



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