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Satin Smooth

Satin Smooth Tea Tree Cream Wax SSW14TTG

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•Enriched with tea tree oil and eucalyptus, which relax the pores and reduce discomfort

•Contains natural antiseptics •Excellent for sensitive skin

•Use on fine to medium coarse hair

•The Satin Smooth antibacterial waxes are a family of highly enriched, individualized formulas that deliver maximum hair removal without discomfort. Developed by renowned skin care specialists, Satin Smooth waxes offer your clients the ultimate experience in personal care and the touchable, soft skin they desire.

•Satin Smooth waxes are MADE IN ITALY where the unique vegetation that the bees eat results in the FINEST BEESWAX in the world. Each Satin Smooth wax formulation is 100% pure and contains Italian beeswax, natural pine resin, propolis, built-in buffers and rich emollients.

•This Satin Smooth wax is enriched with eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. These emollients relax the pores, release the follicle and minimize hair breakage, giving your client silky skin and long-lasting results. Titanium Dioxide reduces redness and irritation and promotes smooth application and gentle removal.

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