Pinky's Rubber Gloves - 4 Large Pink Gloves

Pinky's Rubber Gloves - 4 Large Pink Gloves

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I.S.A. Corporation’s Pinky’s Gloves are designed specifically for the use of beauty, health care, crafts and general cleaning.

Providing a non-powdered glove makes it kinder and gentler to the hands. They are designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity in diverse wet and dry environments.

The Rolled bead cuff makes Pinky’s a more durable glove and provides better support for multiple usages. Resulting in their superior resistance to abrasions, cuts, tears, inks, dyes, punctures and snags.

Pinky’s Gloves are made from 100% natural latex rubbers.

This truly makes Pinky’s a favorite for general multi-purpose glove.

Pinky’s are washed to make them ultra-clean for reduced contamination and potential alergic reactions.

Meets USDA regulations.

Size: 9 Large 

4 Gloves

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