Paul Brown Hawaii

Paul Brown Hawaii Washe Elite Shampoo

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Washe Elite

Hydrating Shampoo

Hair type: Dry or Chemically Treated Hair

Benefits: Washe Elite was formulated to nurture and enhance abused, roughed up hair. Creates a rich lather and rinses out completely removing dirt, grime and all other residue left by styling products. Combines Kukui Nut Oil, a known natural protein and sunscreen that consist of the essential fatty acids linoleic (42%) and linolenic (29%), that renew sheen, elasticity and balance moisture content in hair and scalp.

Key ingredients: Includes Kukui Nut Oil which has one of the highest percentage of essential fatty acids than in any other popular oils used in today's haircare products. Naturally derived Hawaiian extracts condition as it cleans hair.

How to use: This pure and fresh shampoo can be used daily and will not compromise the hair's natural luster.

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