LCN Micro Needling Mobile Pen

LCN Micro Needling Mobile Pen

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Micro Needling is a cosmetic treatment that makes it possible to work larger ingredients particles deep into the skin. The cell regeneration and skin renewal process is prompted. collagenous and elastin fibres are being tightened due to the micro injuries inflicted to the skin. Results are already visible after just a few treatments. The skin appears youthful and even based on a "Lifting-Effect". The mobile pen works with a power cable or can be charged for 4 hours and then used without. Needles are moving up and down completely automatically. This way the Epidermis is being penetrated in a very precise and even manner. 

Needle-Setting: 0.25mm to 2.75mm 

Speed: 142Hz (pace/second)

Connection: Power cable or battery (4 hours)

Material (needles and housing): Stainless steel

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