GiGi All Purpose Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System

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Cut your waxing time down by using the Microwaveable All Purpose Honee Wax. It melts at a lower temperature reducing the risk of burns and pain in the treated area. With its soft wax formula, the epilating strip makes it easy to remove unwanted hair without ripping off the skin and does not leave residue because it sticks to only hair and not skin. It’s fast and produces smoother results while getting rid of all your fluff.

Contains all you need for efficient hair removal! This kit from GiGi is perfect if you want to be hair and stubble free for longer by removing hair from the root. Have soft skin without worrying about shaving for up to four weeks! No wonder that even waxing pros rated GiGi’s depilatory products for its optimal results. It lets you pull more hair without breakage while its natural buffer makes it easy to remove and also helps nourish and provide better hydration for healthier, bare skin.

Kit Includes:

  • All Purpose Honee Microwave (8oz)
  • Pre Hon (2oz)
  • Wax Off (2oz)
  • Post Wax Concealer (2 oz)
  • Slow Grow (2 oz)
  • 5 Small and 5 Large Accu Edge Applicators
  • 10 Small Muslin Strips

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