Gehwol Schalpaste 20ml

Gehwol Schalpaste 20ml

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Softens coarse skin, natoptysh and calluses and facilitates their removal 

Paste softens rough skin, corns and calluses and facilitates their removal. A few hours after applying the paste, the skin and calluses soften, turn white and can be safely and comfortably removed by pumice after bathing the feet with any Gehwol bath.

Application: apply a thin layer of paste on the area of ​​coarse skin (application time is not more than 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the coarsened skin layer). To protect the treated areas of the skin in the shoes, you can use the patch company "Gevol".The next day, corns and rough skin can be easily removed after a warm bath. If necessary, the application of the paste can be repeated again, but for a shorter period. 


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