Tressa Watercolors Color Boost Conditioner

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Toning Conditioner!

If you're looking to neutralize those unwanted tones and to brighten up your hair's color by keeping it vibrant and shiny, then the Watercolors Color Boost Conditioner will do just that! This is a sulfate-free conditioner giving your hair the extra nourishment it needs while making sure it still looks great even 45 days after service.

Available in four colors:

  • Blonde - Wet Sand or Golden Mist Watercolors.
  • Clear - Violet Washe or Hazelnut Watercolors Shampoo
  • Brown - Mocha Drench, Cocoa or Black Coffee Watercolors.
  • Red - Crimson Splash, Fluid Fire, Liquid Copper or Wet Brick Watercolors Shampoo.

Available in 250ml size

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