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Comare 401 Styling and Cutting Comb

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This 7 inch Regular Styling and Cutting Comb is unique in that the Medium Teeth section is straight across the bottom of the teeth but the Fine Teeth section is tapered to the top edge of the comb
* Overall Length 7 inches
* Half the comb is Medium Teeth and Half the comb is Fine Teeth
* The Medium Teeth are All 5/8" Long
* The Fine Teeth are 1/2" Long in the center Tapering to 3/8" on end
* The Back Edger of the comb is Straight
* Comb Color: BLUE
The Comare product line of combs was established on three basic principles:
(1) Creativity
(2) Design
(3) Celcon.
Celcon is * Strong yet flexible * Heat-resistant * Chemical-resistant * Virtually unbreakable * Non-damaging to hair.

Comare combs and brushes are the preferred choice of professionals worldwide.


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